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SRS Audio Sandbox Full Version

SRS Audio Sandbox Full Version

SRS Audio Sandbox Full Version is a powerful audio enhancement software that improves the quality of the sound and renders stereo and surround output for all sound. The software (SRS) works directly with the actual sound card, gives you complete control over the sound, runs more effectively, completely compatible with any media players and apps. 

It features simple user-friendly interface, includes presets for two or more speakers, presets amazing sound speaker configuration for headphones, stereo speakers, or surround speakers, and many presets for all your music, movies, videos, and games.

SRS Audio Sandbox also lets you customize your audio through advanced controls, which provide rich bass, high frequency sounds, deep restore vocal clarity, 3D enhancement for stereo content, and more. 

It acts as a plugin for your audio and video player, automatically build the optimal environment and enhancing the sound during the playback. SRS Audio Sandbox allows users to overcome the physical limitations of speakers, delivering the best realistic entertainment experience, and surround sound speakers.

Key Features :
  • Amazing surround audio enhancement
  • Custom settings for two or more speakers
  • Customizable deep and rich bass speakers
  • Delivers a more lively and brilliant sound
  • Dialog clarity makes vocals understandable
  • Highlighting the high frequency of audio
  • Intuitive-interface and extreme easy-to-use
  • Presets for videos, music, and games
  • Speaker output optimization, and more.

Screenshot SRS Audio Sandbox Full Version

Download Link : Here
Note : Free Virus or Trojan (Scan With KIS 2017)

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