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Goversoft Privazer 3.0.40 Full Version

Goversoft Privazer 3.0.40 Full Version

Goversoft Privazer 3.0.40 Full Version :
  • Free PC cleaner & Privacy tool - It cleans and removes unwanted traces of your past activities.
  • See exactly what can still be recovered of your past activities on your PC at home, at work.
  • In-depth cleanup of unwanted traces of what you've done, watched, downloaded, deleted, etc.
  • Master your security & freedom - Free up disk space. Keep your PC fit and secure !!!

 Features :
  • More than 100 scans / cleanups. With simply one click, PrivaZer is able to clean securely:
  • Internet browsers, Index.dat, Cookies, Cookies Tor, Cookies Flash, Cookies Silverlight, DOM Storage, IndexedDB, AppCache
  • Registry, RAM, Pagefile.sys and Hiberfil.sys files
  • Use of software, Messengers, Histories of visited websites, viewed videos, use of software, opened docs, Jumplists, etc
  • Recycle bin, Temp files, Log files, Invalid Prefetch entries, Indexing service, ThumbCaches, Thumbs.db
  • Residual traces of deleted files, Free space, File table (MFT or FAT), INDEX attributes in MFT, USN Journal, etc
  • 10 Innovative solutions in data security:
  • Detection of residual traces in free space
  • Smart cleanup of free space
  • File table cleanup
  • Smart overwriting
  • Smart cleanup of Jumplists
  • Smart cleanup of Prefetch
  • Deletion of USB history
  • Scan and cleanup of Pagefile.sys / Hiberfil.sys content
  • Scan of thumbnails
  • Scan of residual traces in Indexing service

Changelog :
v3.0.40 (02 February 2018) :
- Improved cleanup of external drives
- Improved USN cleanup
- Improved scan of WebCache
- Improved scan of IE cache
- Improved Yandex Browser cleanup
- Improved registry backups
- Improved UI

Screenshot Goversoft Privazer 3.0.40 Full Version
Download Link : Here
Note : Free Virus or Trojan (Scan With KIS 2017)

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